Mike Glazer’s Programs

I have made available several computer programs that I have written over the last few years, which I hope you will find useful. These are the following:

VIBRATE!           A program to compute irreducible representations for any crystal structure

ChainPlot          To demonstrate the motion of atoms on a linear 1-dimensional chain

LD                    To demonstrate the motion of atoms in a 2-dimensional array

FOURIER           To demonstrate Fourier synthesis as used in crystallography

MEGAW            A program to compute the effect of octahedral tilting in perovskite crystals.

WinDicVol         A GUI interface to the DICVOL91 powder autoindexing program

WinOptact        Calculation of optical rotation and birefringence from crystal structure

SUMO                Simplified User-defined Mathematical Operations         

REFINE             Generalised non-linear least-squares refinement with user-defined functions     

Mike Glazer Physics Department, Oxford University


  Updated: 11 August 2020