Mike Glazer’s Programs

Fourier2D & Fourier3D

This is an educational computer program written to demonstrate the process of Fourier Synthesis. This is a mathematical technique used in the solution of crystal structures by adding together plane waves in different orientations with different amplitudes (structure factors) and phases. The program allows waves to be added one after another or to read in a file containing a list of indices h k l and structure factors and phases in order to generate a Fourier projection. The resulting Fourier2D projection is plotted in a variety of different ways. Some examples are shown below demonstrating a projection of the potassium benzoyl penicillin structure as determined by Dorothy Hodgkin in the early 1940s. I also show a nice film of high-temperature quartz.

I have also added a 3-dimensional Fourier program Fourier3D which plots Fourier sections rather than just projections. Go to Get Programs to download.


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