Mike Glazer’s Programs Crystals

The 3rd Edition of the classic textbook

Space Groups for Solid State Scientists

By Burns and Glazer is now available.

Praise for First Edition

"Space Groups for Solid State Scientists fills a definite need and fills it well....The book is clearly written, in a very readable style. It is lavishly illustrated and well printed. It contains many examples to illustrate the points being made, and these, together with the problems for solution at the end of each chapter, make it suitable for use as a textbook at the graduate level. In addition to its role as a guide to the International Tables the book is valuable for the research scientist because of the many tables it presents."--PHYSICS TODAY

"An understandable and comprehensive guide...Of particular interest in this new edition are the discussions of space groups application to such timely topics as high-temperature superconductors, phase transitions, semiconductor superlattices, incommensurate modulation, and icosahedral symmetry."--SCITECH

"The book will be extremely useful to those who are interested in improving their knowledge of space groups for the determination of complicated structures."--MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS


Point Symmetry Operations

Crystal Systems

Bravais Lattices

Crystallographic Point Groups

Development of Space Groups

Reading the Tables

Space Group Applications

Antisymmetry & Magnetic Symmetry

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