The Two Braggs Exhibition (Warwick University August 2013)

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    On going through my files I discovered some material related to W L Bragg’s 80th birthday celebrations. In 1970, Will (WHT) Taylor, Head of the Crystallography Laboratory at the Cavendish Laboratory,  organised the 80th Birthday celebrations for W.L. Bragg. A symposium was held in his honour at the Royal Institution from April 1st to 3rd with a special dinner  at  Imperial College London on April 2.  On this  page I show the original Programme for the symposium. I recall in particular seeing for the first time the young Louise Johnson giving a splendid talk. Also the talk by Dave Lieberman included demonstrations of the memory metal Nitinol.  In one of these he started with a piece of wire and heated it up, whereupon it formed the word Bragg. I saw WLB’s face light up when he saw it!  I include here also the table seating plan for all the 300 guests at the dinner. You should find many famous names from the past who attended on that occasion.

    80thBirthday.pdf Click on the images to access.