The Two Braggs Exhibition (Warwick University August 2013)

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    At the invitation of the Australian Academy of Science an International Conference, consisting of a Symposium on Electron Diffraction and a Symposium on The Nature of Defects in Crystals, was held in Melbourne from 16 to 21 August 1965. With the  permission of the International Union of Crystallography  and CSIRO Australia I show two important and rare historical video clips taken from this meeting (50 years after the Nobel Prize to the Two Braggs). Kathleen Lonsdale talks about crystallography (this was about the time that I joined her research group at University College London, and so brings back personal memories for me).  BBC Women’s Hour has also  made available a recording of an interview with her in 1967. The second shows Paul Ewald talking about the origins of X-ray crystallography. Not to be missed!

    I also show several other relevant videos for your enjoyment!

    The full set of interviews from the conference can be seen at the IUCr Playlist. See also the video collection at the Royal Institution.

    The film Driven to Diffraction is a delight to watch as a light-hearted account of the history of the Two Braggs. This can be ordered from Ronin Films and you can see a trailer here.

    For reading, I strongly recommend the book William and Lawrence Bragg, Father and Son, The Most Extraordinary Collaboration in Science by John Jenkin (OUP).

    Listen to W.L. Bragg in his 1953 Friday evening discourse at the Royal Institution.

    Kathleen Lonsdale (1903-1973)

    Peter Paul Ewald


    Lawrence Bragg’s bubble model of dislocations in metals). A classic in its time.

    The Two Braggs

    Dorothy Hodgkin

    A rare film of Sir William Henry Bragg giving a lecture

    Dorothy Hodgkin

    and insulin structure

    Rare film of film of William Coolidge talking about X-ray tubes

    Roentgen and X-rays

    William Henry Bragg 1934

    J.J. Thomson 1934

    Lord Rutherford 1935

    Oliver Lodge 1934

    Excerpt from W.L. Bragg schools lecture. I am the young chap at the top left in the audience!!