The Two Braggs Exhibition (Warwick University August 2013)

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    Where is this Bust of William Henry Bragg?

    This photograph shows what looks like a plaster bust of W.H. Bragg while at the Royal Institution. On the back there is a mention of Lady Kennet. Now she was a famous sculptress, by name of Elizabeth Young, widow of Captain Robert Falcon Scott of the Antarctic. I saw this photograph while on a visit to a member of the Bragg family and wondered what had happened to the bust. There is a well known bust of WLB made by the sculptor John W. Mills, but this one of WHB seems to be missing.

    If you can help with locating this bust or explaining its history, please contact Mike Glazer.

    Can you identify this structure?

    This is a copy of a glass window at the Chemistry Department at University College London where Kathleen Lonsdale had her office. It looks like it might be something crystallographic. We can see possible unit cells, but is it a Fourier map of a crystal structure? If you can identify this please contact Mike Glazer or Ian Wood.

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